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Letter From The Reeve

The circle of Heroes surrounding this fire is large and far-reaching; the thank you is huge.

Our Heroes on the ground, Jerry Besse, Kelly Dorosh and the entire Biggar Fire Department. How can words ever be enough? Your selfless dedication and bravery in the horrible face of this fire is unparalleled. Your quick response and willingness to put your life on the line fills our hearts with gratitude.

To each farmer and volunteer. You are the very definition of the Prairie’s generosity. When push comes to shove, we come together as a mighty unit...an indestructible team. No one had to call you to come with your huge machines to fight this beast. But there you were. You can never be thanked enough.

To our local Hutterite Colonies. Time and time again you come to the aid of fires with men, machines and Food. Time and time again you show us what it means to be good neighbours. You are such a valuable part of our community and we Thank You.

To our own crew at the RM of Biggar. Nothing in your job description mentions putting your life on the line. And there you were, doing whatever was needed – working day and night to keep all of us safe.

To SEAT and the amazing water bomber. To every firefighter who traveled here from everywhere with your machines and your willingness to fight Our fire. You are the epitome of the Prairie’s heart. On behalf of my entire community, I thank you.

To our front-line healthcare workers. You made it possible to wake our elderly and disabled in the middle of the night and take them an hour away from their beds. And then you drove an hour to work so you could take care of them. Thank you and bless your huge hearts.

To Laura Kowalchuk and her team of women who kept Everyone fed. When women don’t know what to do, we cook. Food is love. And the amount of food donated to this cause, as well as the monetary donations, shows us how much love is in out community.

To Diane Akister, our EMO, and all the staff and the Town Office and the RM Office. To our Provincial Fire Fighters. This would not have gone so smoothly without our command station and the people running it. Much thanks to all of you for being so amazing in the face of this.

To our local RCMP Detachment under the command of Colon Sawrenko and Mark Wright. You were the calm in the storm. You advised and supported while leaving the decisions to the us. You are true leaders in this community. How lucky we are to have such a dedicated Police Force. Your community thanks you.

A crisis like this is life-changing for everyone involved and their hearts. Nothing fills my own heart like acts of human kindness. It is overflowing. Bless you all.

Jeanne-Marie de Moissac

RM of Biggar Reeve

Our News

Upcoming Railway Crossing Closure:

Please be advised that on June 18, 2019 the Palo CN crossing will be closed from noon until midnight.

10 AM April26 2019

Municipal well (NE 10-35-17 W 3) has monitoring unit.

Please be advised that the municipal well located on the NE 10-35-17 W 3 has a monitoring unit installed. To access the water, a fob must be picked up at municipal office. The rates are as follows: Ratepayers - $3/1000 liters and Non-Ratepayers - $5/1000 liters.


Friendly reminder to refrain from using any town dumpsters!

Friendly reminder that ratepayers need to refrain from using any town dumpsters! The RM has come up with a temporary solution for the garbage issue. Ratepayers can now dispose their garbage in the back of the designated truck located at the RM shop. If you have any questions please contact the office at 306-948-2422. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fire ban in Effect for the R.M. of BIGGAR.

Please be advised, effective immediately the RM of Biggar has a fire ban.Thank you for your cooperation!

Slow down when passing our graders

Friendly reminder to slow down when passing our graders when their blue light is on.