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Letter to Ratepayers from Reeve.

Letter to My Ratepayers

How quickly we forget the long, bone-chilling nights and short, bitter days of winter when we see and hear the geese. They bring bright, sunny mornings with new energy and hope for the coming season. Everyone, suddenly, is busy and the RM follows suit with our road crew back on the job.

Derek Custer, our Foreman, heads the twelve-person team responsible for how wonderful the roads look. I would like to introduce them to you. We have Cliff Metz, our longest serving employee, John Hammond, our Pest Control Officer and Dave Bullock keeping Springwater beautiful. Bob Paules and Darrell Campbell, John Domes, Reazul Islam, Troy McCarty, Joel Hanson, Melissa Kowalchuk and Myron Dirksen complete our work crew team. Our Administrative Staff consists of Karen Macdonald andCharissa Redlich with our Administrator, Sandi Silvernagle, heading up the whole brigade, keeping everything running smoothly.

We are pleased to announce that Biggar and District Accounting Services, managed by hometown boy, Dylan Haynes and his wife, Amy Haynes will be renting space in the RM Building on 2nd Avenue West. Congratulations on your new business.

Council passed a motion to dig a well in Division 1 and that will happen this season. The water quality is excellent, and the well will be a huge asset to farmers in the area and helpful in case of fire.

As well as regular road maintenance and repair there are new road projects being decided on. Work was started last fall on the Oban\Whiteshore Road and will be completed this season. The equipmentyou see up and down our gravel roads, keeping them in beautiful shape are the graders - 2012 Volvo 976, a 2013 John Deere 870 GP, a 2019 CAT 140 M3 and a 2020 CAT 160 AWD. We have two, new Rhino Mowers 4155 and two, new Degelman side arms.

I want to welcome our new and very competent councillors to the table, Greg Mundt and Dale Thomson.

We are: Brad Poletz, Division 1, 306-948-6052 – Rob Danychuck, Division 2, 306-948-7228 – Dale Thomson, Division 3, 306-948-7717 – Barry Sagon, Division 4, 306-951-7413 – Greg Mundt, Division 5, 306-948-9458 - Brian Watson, Division 6, 306-948-7770 and Jeanne-Marie de Moissac, Reeve, 306-948-6567. Please feel free to call your Councillors or the office, 306-948-2422 with any concerns.

Before I close I want to pay tribute to Wes Goring. He was a man who cared deeply for his community, of fering his time and service for many years. He would have given anyone the shirt off his broad back. Wes Goring and his great, big heart will be sorely missed.

As you embark on another year planting, I wish you all the best of luck and timely rains. Please stay safe.

Jeanne-Marie de Moissac


Municipal Office – Visitor Guide

The Municipal Office has reopened to the public.

The Municipal Office has reopened to the public; physical distancing guidelines remain in place. We ask that you kindly wait outside if there are more than 2 visitors in the office when you arrive. We encourage ratepayers to use online banking, mailing cheques or dropping payments in the Drop Box located in the front porch of the municipal office. We encourage you to conduct business via phone or email whenever possible. Our staff will continue to monitor phone and email messages and return them in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

Municipal well (NE 10-35-17 W 3) has monitoring unit.

Please be advised that the municipal well located on the NE 10-35-17 W 3 has a monitoring unit installed. To access the water, a fob must be picked up at municipal office. The rates are as follows: Ratepayers - $3/1000 liters and Non-Ratepayers - $5/1000 liters. 


Friendly reminder to refrain from using any town dumpsters!

Friendly reminder that ratepayers need to refrain from using any town dumpsters! The RM has come up with a temporary solution for the garbage issue. Ratepayers can now dispose their garbage in the back of the designated truck located at the RM shop. If you have any questions please contact the office at 306-948-2422. Thank you for your co-operation.

We Now Accept Online Payments

Pay your taxes or an invoice online.

To pay your taxes or an invoice online, simply visit Biggar and District Credit Union or Biggar Royal Bank websites and set up the Rural Municipality of Biggar as a Payee. See this link for the guide. This will give you the information you need to pay your taxes or bill with the RM. If you need assistance, please call the office at 306-948-2422.  More information here...